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Alivening Course

Heal, forgive and integrate life's lessons. Live with more enthusiasm, honesty and love.

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Barbara’s Positive Parenting

Enjoy more positive interactions with your children. Prepare them for a healthy, happy life.

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Dynamic Relationships

Relationships are ever changing. Bring more love, excitement and satisfaction into yours.

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Personal Consultations

Personal coaches, Barbara and Glenn Smyly, are now offering to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom discovered from their interactions with thousands of people over the past 35 years. Their consultations are available via phone, Skype or ooVoo. Contact them at

Careapy for Veterans

As a veteran myself, I am concerned about services available to veterans. Barbara and I have seen how these programs can make a difference and contribute to lifelong improved well-being for veterans and their families. We are now offering complimentary full access to all veterans.

This service is supported by contributions from individuals and businesses. All donations are appreciated.
Thank you!

~ Glenn Smyly

What People Are Saying About Careapy®

Glenn & Barbara make a difference in every person’s life through their workshops. My life changed when I met them and took their Alivening Weekend. I learned how to open my heart and be responsible for my life and that allowed love to come in. Thank you for teaching Careapy!

Alan Kaplan

I know, use and appreciate Glenn & Barbara’s work since the mid ’80s, with profound results in my marriage, career, and spirituality. I wholeheartedly recommend Careapy to help improve those very important areas in your life. Like MasterCard says: “PRICELESS.”

Glenn & Barbara are great healers and masters of self- help. I still use many ideas and tools I learned from my 7 years of working with them. I am eternally grateful for all that they taught me and their commitment to helping others through the Careapy Learning Channel.

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