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Welcome to Glenn’s Blog.

From time to time Glenn likes to write and publish articles based on current Careapy® public seminars and workshops he has just facilitated and then share the wisdom he gained while leading these public programs through these articles…

We hope you find these articles supportive and that they help you understand some of the issues you have been dealing with and then take corrective measures to resolve those issues…

Past Life Recall

Past life recall is a subject embraced by many people. In my forty three year career in providing self-help seminars, workshops, retreats and consultations I have had the opportunity to assist many of our clients who have been on a personal spiritual purification journey and they have often asked me to help them explore their […]

A Color for Each Day of the Week

Every Tuesday morning I get together with a group of between twenty five and thirty wonderful business leaders who are all committed to helping each other build their business and make each other more successful. At a recent meeting we had an activity designed to have us use our imagination and describe the colors of […]

Turning Point Moments

Turning Point Moments: We all have had very powerful turning Point Moments in our life. A Turning Point Moment is when a very emotionally upsetting circumstance occurred in our life and we made a decision that altered the direction our life was headed for. That event was so upsetting and so emotional that we took […]

Dynamic Relationships

Hello Friends,  Today I am thinking about the hundreds of hours, all of the energy, thousands of dollars, the extreme effort and really hard work I have put into my education and training for my career and I suspect you have done the same in building your career. When you studied for your career you […]

Love Song

Hello to all of our friends, As part of my health regimen I enjoy a 3 mile power walk that takes me less than an hour several times each week. Yesterday my walk was in the evening and on my left was a beautiful sunset that I truly enjoyed. After the half way point in […]


With Careapy® the hunt for tried and true mental, spiritual and emotional healing methods, techniques and programs is over whether for yourself or your loved ones. Our Careapy® brand of unique and natural healing programs empower you to restore your power and take responsibility for your own healing process or help your personal clients through their […]

Conscious Connected Breathing

Conscious-Connected Breathing is a powerful and beautiful process difficult to define or summarize. It must be experienced and discussed on many levels. Its implications and overtones are vast. The process begins with simple relaxation and breathing techniques, but it would be misleading to imply that this is all there is. For this reason, the actual […]

Relationship Advice

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR By Barbara & Glenn Smyly The old adage “be careful what you ask for, you might just get it” is never more true than when searching for a “soul mate, a twin self, our better half, or the part of us that is missing”. But, let us evaluate these ideals […]

Single Again

  I’m single again and the teardrops keep falling!  by Glenn Smyly all rights reserved… Are you tired of being Single? Does that statement ring true to you?  Are you alone again and wonder why you always find the wrong people? Do you really want to get to the cause or source of what happens […]