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Welcome to the Parent’s Corner!


For all those precious children who have touched my life and stolen my heart—and their parents who have had the courage to love and teach them, I dedicate this series with my sincere appreciation of so many gifts they have given me.  Particularly the gift of joy!

In my 35 plus years of teaching parents and children, I have yet to encounter a parent who does not love their child and want the best for them and

from them. It is for these parents the Parent’s Corner is designed.

There is no greater responsibility facing us today as people and a society as that of providing a nurturing, safe, loving environment for our children to learn and grow. The challenge has been how to balance teaching them qualities like self-discipline, respect and responsibility while providing a growth environment. Any parent can tell you this is no small feat. 

The Parent’s Corner and The Power of Positive Parenting audio course are designed to give you the tools you need to raise responsible, healthy, happy children who develop into autonomous self-reliant adults. The course you will want to keep and listen to over and over as your children mature and change. It will help to keep you “up to date” on the different stages your child goes through and will remind you to let them go and let them grow while still maintaining order and peace in your home.

I will be posting helpful articles and inspirations on the Parent’s Corner from time to time so keep checking back and feel free to share the site with others. It is always my hope that we as parents and caretakers learn as much from our interactions with our children as they learn from us, and, as a group, we empower each other to be all that we can be.

May the joys of teaching children be yours and may God bless you for caring.

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